A beginners guide to new mini home costs

One question that we get asked all the time is how much does a new mini home cost, and it is a difficult question to answer because just like with any other type of home you buy there are many variables that make that cost go up and down. The most general answer we can give is that new mini home costs run from about $75,995 – $250,000.

The right home for you

Everyone’s perfect home has different construction requirements, design standards, mechanical equipment, delivery location, site preparation, as well as many other specialty requirements will have a dramatic impact on the final price in the purchase of a single section modular home.

I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised to learn that bigger homes will likely cost more. Many Havill’s customers come to us because they are ready to downsize and move into a home that is smaller and more manageable. We also see many young families who need extra space for the family to grow into over time. As you can imagine these two scenarios can have a substantial impact on the size of the home and also the price

Spend now, save later

Design standards and expectations can also vary from household to household. On one hand a family may choose to invest more of their money on an extra bedroom or bathroom rather then choosing to invest that same money on a highly detailed exterior. Then again, there are those who want it all. No matter the choice made, the price will differ from one to the other.

As people decide to incorporate more mechanical or technological equipment into their new home construction, the price of their choices will effect the final cost. For example, one home buyer may choose to go with electric baseboard heat rather then spend the extra $3000+ for a heat-pump. This family will save $3000 today, but will have a substantially higher electric bill for the life of the home. Another example is adding any number of smart devices to the home. Your final price will depend on how connected you want your home to be going forward.

Home site variables

Obviously the distance, and accessibility of your home site will have an impact on the final calculation when pricing a new single section modular home. The further the home needs to be transported, the higher the cost. (This may be important to consider when choosing the retailer that you are buying from.) As much as we’d love everyone to buy their home from us, finding a retailer who is closer to your home site may save you transportation money.

Site preparation is also a factor when buying a home, as several things need to be in place for a home to move onto that site (from permits and site improvements to the laying of a foundation). Your mini home retailer will lay these costs out for you, as they’ll vary greatly from one situation to the next.

Ultimately, the cost of the home rests mainly with what the home buyer wants and needs. The team at Havill’s have been working with mini homes for a long time, and has plenty of expertise to guide you through the purchase of your first mini home, so drop in and ask us about how we can help you get the home of your dreams, or contact us to make an appointment.


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