Is it possible to trade in an aging Mobile Home towards a new Mini Home?

Definitely! Stop wasting your hard earned money fixing up an OLD mobile home that won’t hold its value and instead, consider trading it in for a new, energy-efficient new Havill’s Mini Home. Put aside the stress of expensive home repairs, and monthly operating costs and start enjoying the comforts of living in a beautiful NEW Kent Mini Home that you can be proud of.

Invest in a new mini home today and enjoy all these benefits:


  • A beautiful new mini home built like a house, which will increase in value.
  • Convenient home removal and installation services provided by Havill’s expert in-house service team.
  • A low rate mortgage instead of a high rate chattel loan.
  • A 7 year Atlantic Home Warrantee.
  • New energy efficient appliances.
  • An exceptionally warm home, with lots of insulation.
  • Thermopane Low-E windows to keep you comfortable and save you $$$$.
  • Heat recovery ventilation systems that will keep your family breathing on healthy air.
  • Lower insurance rates.
  • The peace of mind that living in a safe home can give you.
  • A beautiful modern home that you can be proud of, without all the stress of a huge payment.
  • A wise investment into the future that will fulfill all of your family’s housing needs for years to come.

….And so much more!

For more information call 835-8388 and speak to one of our professional home consultants.

*If you have paid a year or more on your present mobile home, you may already have enough equity to trade-in towards a New Mini Home AND your payment may be close to what you are paying.