What, if any, hidden costs are associated when buying a mini home?

At Havill’s we try not to hide costs. Home buying does require an initial investment up front, but when looking at a newly constructed mini home, this is made a little easier for you. With pre-existing homes, you have your down payment requirement, your deed transfers, taxes, legal fees, agent fees etc. Once all these fees have been considered, it is not uncommon to have to put approx. 10% cash down for your home purchase. This can be quite a substantial amount of money. When considering a new home purchase, this is reduced drastically as you are going to be the first registered home owner, thereby eliminating a lot of those extra costs. With this in mind, the only out-of-pocket costs you would have are:

  • Your 5% down payment requirement
  • CMHC and the banks now require that a lawyer be involved to register your mortgage. If you use one of our partner lawyers the cost should be ~ $850+HST
  • You will have to make arrangements to move your belongings from your current home to your new home. The cost to do this will depend on the distance between your old home and the new home, and how much stuff you want to move between the homes.
  • Utility companies usually charge a fee when hooking-up your service for the first time
  • Home insurance policy will need to be in place before your mortgage is finalized

In order to avoid any unwanted surprise fees at closing, we have a comprehensive orientation package that will explain the whole process, from start to finish, including all fees/services required when purchasing a home.

Another huge benefit when considering a new home purchase vs something pre-owned, is the thousands of dollars available to you in federal and provincial government rebates. Be sure to ask one of our Professional Home Consultants how you too, can take advantage of all these incentives.


Covid Update: With restrictions lifting in the province, we wanted to update you all on our Covid procedures going forward.
To keep our staff & community safe our office will be open by appointment only. We are also happy to assist you virtually. (We offer virtual tours, virtual appointments, and dotloop) In person appointments will only be made when necessary & must be pre-booked.
When visiting us in person or dealing with our staff we will still require you to mask & sanitize. If you have been exposed to or have any symptoms of COVID 19 we ask that you re-schedule.
We are very diligent with sanitizing and safety measures when it comes to COVID-19.
For more information on our homes call us at 902-835-8388 or send us an email @ . We want to assure you that we have your safety top of mind.
We thank you in advance for your understanding & look forward to speaking with you.
Note: This information is current as of March 23rd, 2022. 
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