Leonard and MaryAnn’s Downsizing Dream Home

When they sold their home with the intention of downsizing, Leonard and MaryAnn Brake were all set to move into an apartment. “At the last minute we decided to buy a mini home. I’m getting up in age, but I realized that I’m not ready to settle down in an apartment and fall apart. I knew that if we got a mini home I’d still be able to mow the lawn and do the driveway and so on,” says Leonard, “Those things are still important to me and my wife.”

After coming over to talk to our sales manager, Viola Selk-Tramble, the couple chose a new mini home that they had fallen in love with on our lot. “We love everything about it,” says Leonard. “It’s comfortable, cozy but there’s lots of room, and more like a house than most people think of a mini home being. The way that they made mini homes now, they’re just beautiful. And, living in one is a lot cheaper than living in an apartment would be.”

Although Leonard had sold his house, he had an older mini home on a lot in Woodbine Park that his granddaughter had been living in. He was able to trade that in to help finance the new home, and Havill’s took care of removing that older home and replacing it with the couple’s downsizing dream home. Leonard is very happy with the location of his home, saying that he has a perfect lot that backs on to woodlands, and as his daughter also lives in the park that’s an added bonus.

Choosing a mini home wasn’t hard for the Brakes. “As soon as we walked in this one, we knew it was the one for us,” says Leonard. “We went round all of them, and I even came back later when Havill’s had an open house to see if I liked any of the newer one, but this was it. we both fell in love with it.” (They bought the Sambro model.)

The Brakes have been living in their new mini home for just over a year, and really couldn’t be happier, saying that it meets their needs perfectly. “For older couples like us, mini homes are the best way to downsize, but really they’d suit anyone, even younger couples with kids,” says Leonard, “You get the best of everything, and they are so modern and energy efficient.”

Leonard says that having Viola help them through the whole process made everything very easy. “She was just so helpful and easy to talk to, we felt instantly at ease with her, she’s a special person,” he said, “I would recommend her to anybody.”

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