Land-Leased Communities

Havill’s can help you find the perfect home site for your new Mini Home in any one of the many land-leased communities in the region.

For information on lot availability and monthly lot rents, contact our office or complete our online Community Match form.

Land-leased community sites in and around the HRM:

What makes a great community? Sounds like a simple question and a very important one when you are buying your first home.  When you come from the city and move to the country there are some adjustments to say the least!  We thought: “Are we going to like not having a store in our backyard?  What are the people going to be like?  What is there to do?  Are we going to be bored?”  Well let me tell you, it didn’t take us long to put the city life in our past!  I remember the first time we came out to see our lot (our home hadn’t been delivered yet) and our next door neighbour came out and introduced herself.  We started talking and have been great friends since!  When we were moving in, other neighbours didn’t just come introduce themselves but helped us move items in our home!  When my husband built our shed, within a matter of minutes he had three neighbours over helping him.  This past summer, we got together with our neighbours every Saturday night.  It’s like being part of a family out here! So back to the question, “What makes a great community?”.  Valley Gate Park is the best community I know!  It’s the respect of the people, it’s the walking down the street and people waving and saying, “Hi”, it’s neighbours who plow out your driveway and mow your lawn.  I can’t think of a better place to raise my two children!  Community is defined as its people, and the people here are the best kind!  Originally we had decided we’d live in this place for a few years and then move, now we don’t have any plans on moving because we know that it is hard to get neighbours like ours!  I feel safe as can be here and am very pleased with our decision to buy and live in a Havill’s home!
- Brian and Amy Martin

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