Meet our team: Alan Havill, Owner & President

We’re proud to say that Havill’s has been family owned since 1953, and was started by our owner and president Alan Havill’s grandfather, Walter. For 65 years, we’ve carried the same strong family values and integrity that Havill’s was started with, and if you ever get to meet Alan, you’ll learn how important these values are to him on a personal level as well as through the eye of his business leadership.

Outside of the business, Alan is committed to helping various community organizations, is the director of Wentworth Ski Race Club, and also coaches hockey and basketball. Alan is interested in athletics, and counts completing four ironman events between 2000 – 2003 as the accomplishments in life that he is most proud of.

As much as he loves his role at Havill’s, Alan admits that his favourite job of all time was surf guard at Cavendish Main Beach in PEI for the summer of 1988, saying that it was an awesome time for him.

Alan is very much a family man, and says that one of the best things that he ever did was to backpack the Long Range traverse in Gros Morne National Park with his son a few years back. “It was an adventure that my father did 35 years earlier, and I’d dreamed about doing it someday with my son ever since,’ Alan says.

Now you know that there’s a real person behind the Havill’s name, and we really are a family owned company. We’ve been a part of this community a long time, and we’re all very happy and proud to be able to help our fellow Nova Scotians find and move into the home of their dreams.


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