Meet our team: Chandler Bigelow, Office Administrator

Your first point of contact when you call us or walk into our office is the lovely Chandler Bigelow, who has worked with us for three years now. Always ready to help our customers, Chandler brought nine years of customer service experience to the job, and is adored by the rest of the team. She handles office administration, manages our social media accounts, and helps coordinate any service and warranty work for our new homes.

Chandler says that she loves working at Havill’s. “This is for sure the best job I have ever had. I absolutely love coming to work and feel blessed to have such a wonderful team around me, and of course the most amazing boss,” she says. 

What exactly is it that Chandler loves about her job? “I enjoy helping ensure everything runs smoothly in the day-to-day operations, and being able to help people find the answers they are looking for efficiently. It is also fun to promote and be social about the beautiful homes we have to offer,” she says.

On a more personal level, Chandler says that the best day of her life was her wedding day, as it was all about the love she has in her life. “My husband has taught me that love and support should be unconditional. He supports me every single day, he has shown me true happiness,” she says. Chandler enjoys listening to country music, especially the Dixie Chicks, and would love to get Oprah’s autograph!

Now you know a little more about that friendly voice on the phone when you call us, and if you haven’t met Chandler yet we know that you’re going to love her just as much as we do when you finally do!


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