From disaster to dream, Cat and Paul’s new mini home

Paul and Cat Montgomery lost everything when their old mobile home caught fire. This was an awful thing to happen, but they just moved into a beautiful new Kent mini home and are feeling happy and settled for the first time in months.

After the shock had worn off, the couple headed to Havill’s for help. They didn’t want to move from the community that they loved, and has been their home for the past seven years. They needed a new home that would meet their needs and be able to go right where the old one was. This was something that Havill’s could facilitate for them.

After touring the Havill’s lot, they fell in love with the Tancook mini home even though there wasn’t a display model. “The floor plan was perfect for us,” says Paul. Havill’s ordered their new home to their specifications, and had it built for them at the Kent Homes factory.

When Havill’s suggested that the couple take an all-expenses paid trip up to the Kent Homes factory to see it being built, Paul and Cat were eager to go. “That was really cool. When we arrived they had a sign with our names on all lit up in the main foyer, it was really fun,” says Paul. “We went through the whole production line process, and seeing how our home was being constructed was really neat. We signed a piece of wood inside where nobody else would ever see it, and that made us feel good, knowing that it was ours and nobody else’s.”

Havill’s handled everything for Paul and Cat, from the removal of their old home to handling all the hook-ups they needed for the new one. The whole experience was seamless, says Paul, and they ended up with a much nicer home than the one that they lost in the fire.

“We were in an older mobile home, not a mini home. This is quite the upgrade, as this place has all the bells and whistles, including a heat pump and an air exchanger,” he says. “We absolutely love this place, and it is perfect for the two of us.”

When they drove home one day they got a pleasant surprise. “Havill’s had even landscaped our lot! We weren’t expecting that,” says Paul, “Between the fire and getting the old home demolished, the yard needed some work. Gee whiz, we drove in one day and said, Holy smoke they landscaped it! We weren’t expecting that.”

The couple has only been in their new home for three weeks, so it doesn’t quite feel like theirs yet, but it is starting to. “It is just take a little time to put our touches to the place, but that’s all part of home ownership,” says Paul.

Talking to Paul, it is clear that the couple are thrilled to be living where they are, and Paul jokes that they didn’t even need to fill out a change of address  form when they moved. “Our experience with Havill’s has been terrific,” says Paul, “Everyone there has bent over backwards to give us whatever we required.”


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