Seven Reasons to Choose a New Mini Home Over a Condo

There comes a time in every empty-nester’s life when you start to consider downsizing. And, although you might naturally consider that a condo would be your next best move, this isn’t necessarily true. There are many benefits to purchasing a beautiful new mini home instead, and we wanted to share them with you in this blog:

Cost. A new build condo is going to start at around $200,000, whereas a mini home starts at half that cost.

Space. Downsizing doesn’t have to mean compacting your life into a shoebox! Condos are usually around 900 sq ft or less, and that’s where spacious mini homes start in terms of square footage.

Taxes. The taxes on a new condo average $240 a month, whereas you’re looking at $50 a month on a mini home.

Privacy. With neighbours potentially above, below, and besides you, you may well hear more than you want to of their lives. (And they’ll hear yours too!) Plus, if you have an outside area such as a deck, that’s likely going to be very close to someone else’s so you’ll not get much privacy there either. With a mini home, you’ll be able to keep some distance between you and others, but still find that sense of community that comes from living in closer proximity to others.

A garden and shed. Love puttering in your yard even if you no longer want to manage a large property? You can still have a small lawn and garden with a mini home, and even a shed on your property. With a condo, you’re confined to what you can do with a small deck or balcony.

AC/ Heat. Most condos in the HRM don’t include air conditioning, and use expensive electric heating. With a mini home you can add a heat pump which really drives energy costs down. (Plus, mini homes are super energy efficient due to the construction methods and technology put into them.)

One level living. Mini homes offer barrier-free, one-level living, and we can build ramps on to all of our new mini homes to help deal with any mobility issues you might have. No need to deal with heavy doors, deep tubs, stairs, or having to rely on elevators.

Intrigued? Come in and see one of our sales team to find out more about why a brand new mini home might be your next best move. We have beautiful homes for you to check out at our head office in Bedford, give us a call to make an appointment for your free home consultation, and we’d be happy to give you a tour!


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