Seven surprising facts about mini homes

When you talk to as many people as we do about mini-homes, you soon realize that there are many misconceptions about them, and that many people are surprised by what they learn about mini-homes when they come visit us. In this blog we’re going to share seven facts that always seem to challenge people’s perceptions of mini-homes:

Mini-homes are super energy efficient. To give you a rough idea of monthly power costs, Nova Scotia power is giving customers an estimate of approx. $150/m for our biggest Mini Home available, for the average family of four. This equal billing plan figure would include your heat, hot water, appliances, lights and even your A/C in the summer.

You can probably buy a mini home for less than you’re paying in rent. New home mortgage payments start at just $700/m, so why keep sinking money into an apartment, to pay off someone else’s mortgage?

Kent mini-homes are fully customizable. Once you’ve chosen the model of home you want, you can decide upon the floor plan, finishes, windows, flooring choices, colour schemes, and finishing options.

You can put your mini-home anywhere you like. Although there are many land leased communities in the HRM where you can choose to live, you can put your home on a piece of land you purchase anywhere (although there may be more costs involved when it comes to getting power and services to your new home).

Mini-homes can be put on a foundation. If you own your own land and are looking to add a full foundation, most manufacturers construct all their mini homes with a double parameter beam that will allow the weight of the home to be transferred safely from the structure of the home to the foundation.

You can trade in your older mini-home. Trading in your existing Mobile or Mini Home is a great way to start enjoying a beautiful, modern, and much more energy-efficient Kent Mini Home. Stop sinking your hard earned dollars into an older home that will only need more and more maintenance.

Road rules dictate the size on mini-homes. Currently single section modular homes built and transported in Atlantic Canada are being built with outside maximum dimensions of up to 16 feet wide and 74 feet long. This is because that’s the maximum size that the Department of Transport deems safe for everyone on the roads, and mini-homes have to be transported on our highways.

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