If I wanted to buy a mini home, how do I find out if I can qualify for financing?

While everyone’s financial outlook is different, the ‘general’ rule of thumb for being approved for new mini home mortgages is that the lenders would like to see a gross (before deductions) household income of approx. $3,500 or more per month, one year of employment within the same field, and reasonably good credit. However, we are used to helping people with flawed, limited, or too much credit, and many issues can be overcome. Talk to us if you need help with finding financing. 


Please be advised that our office is open by appointment only. We are trying whenever possible to maintain social distancing to keep our staff and clients safe. We have tight areas in our office and want to avoid client overlap. During Covid, we discovered that we are able to share information about our homes with clients from the comfort and safety of their own home, using video meetings, virtual tours, and digital signing.  At this time, you will also notice we have no model homes on the lot to view in person, however, we do have virtual tours of all of our homes that can be found online on our YouTube channel or our FaceBook page. For more information about our homes, or to book your private in-person appointment, please call ahead prior to visiting our office, at (902) 835-8388 or send an email to .
We thank you in advance for your understanding & look forward to speaking with you.
Note: This information is current as of Aug 2nd, 2022. 
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