Meet our multi-talented Chandler Bigelow, the heart of Havill’s

When potential customers reach out to our team at Havill’s, it’s usually our warm and friendly Chandler Bigelow that picks up the phone. Chandler is the sweetest, and in the seven years that she has been working with us she has established herself as the heart of our office. Family-owned and run for almost 70 years, Havill’s is built on relationships, and Chandler fit right in from the start. 

“I always feel appreciated and recognized working here,” Chandler explains, “My amazing boss sees the hard work and dedication that his team puts into the company, and it really does feel like the people here are part of my extended family.”

Chandler first came to Havill’s to take on the role of receptionist. This smart and efficient cookie went on to take over coordinating Havill’s service and warranty work and more recently took on the role of bookkeeper. “It’s certainly a challenge,” Chandler says, but I’m excited to learn new skills. There have been lots of opportunities for professional growth here and I love that.” 

Seeing people move into their dream homes is something that Chandler finds truly rewarding. “Helping people complete one of the largest transactions of their life is exciting,” she says, “And I love knowing that at the end of it they get to move in and start enjoying their beautiful new home.” Hearing from our homeowners about how happy they are in their new homes always makes Chandler’s day. “Your home is such a big aspect of your life, and being part of bringing that happiness to them is such a great feeling,” she explains.

The recent housing boom has changed Chandler’s day-to-day work life. “We’re doing so much business and my days go by so quickly! There’s just so much to do,” she says, “But thankfully our boss always makes sure we have the resources we need to get the job done.” 

Not too long ago we had model homes at our head office, and potential homeowners could walk through and view several models first-hand. These days, all our homes are snapped up. “We had to put a sign-up saying that we are still open but just sold out right now because it really changed how things look when people drive past,” Chandler says, “It is a completely different world than when I started here. Pretty much everything we do is online. We offer virtual tours of the homes and virtual client meetings.” 

Here at Havill’s, we’re incredibly grateful that Chandler has handled all the changes that the past few years have brought with grace and intelligence. We know that we can always rely on Chandler and that when potential homeowners reach out, they are being well looked after by the sweetest woman we know.  


Please be advised that our office is open by appointment only. We are trying whenever possible to maintain social distancing to keep our staff and clients safe. We have tight areas in our office and want to avoid client overlap. During Covid, we discovered that we are able to share information about our homes with clients from the comfort and safety of their own home, using video meetings, virtual tours, and digital signing.  At this time, you will also notice we have no model homes on the lot to view in person, however, we do have virtual tours of all of our homes that can be found online on our YouTube channel or our FaceBook page. For more information about our homes, or to book your private in-person appointment, please call ahead prior to visiting our office, at (902) 835-8388 or send an email to .
We thank you in advance for your understanding & look forward to speaking with you.
Note: This information is current as of Aug 2nd, 2022. 
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