Mini homes are perfect for new life chapters

John Lennon once said that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. With the best intentions in the world, we often end up in different situations than we thought we would, and have to adjust accordingly. Here at Havill’s we’ve helped many people to downsize their lives after divorce, changing or leaving jobs, facing mobility challenges, or finding themselves back home in Nova Scotia after spending many years away. We know from our many years of experience that buying a new Kent mini home can often be the perfect next move after life changes. Here’s why:

The cost. Mini homes are often much cheaper than stick built homes (those constructed entirely on-site). In fact, while each home varies in price, the actual cost of the home could be considerably lower. You can also customize Kent mini homes in a myriad of ways, which would have an impact on costs depending on your particular wants and needs. 

Instant community. When you move into a land lease community, you’re joining a group of homeowners who genuinely care about their homes, and where they live. Apartment living can feel anonymous, where you hardly know any of your neighbours and there’s often a high turnover of people coming and going. HRM land lease communities tend to be friendly places where people help each other out and take pride in being a community – which can be heartening when you’re dealing with major changes in your life. Also, we have partnerships with communities throughout the HRM, and can help you locate your home everywhere from Sackville to the South Shore – with each community offering a unique feel and amenities. 

Sized for you. Kent mini homes come in all sizes and configurations, from the 504 sq ft Chebogue model with two bedrooms and one bathroom to the 1184 sq foot MacLean, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. So, whether it is just you that’ll be living there, two if you, or you just need an extra bedroom for visiting kids or grandkids, there’s a home sized perfectly for your needs.

Your needs met. Because Kent mini homes are highly customizable, you can design them with features that you need – be that doors sized for a wheelchair and a ramp that leads you into the home, or a luxurious kitchen with island and walk-in pantry because you just love to cook. You can make this your dream home, adding whatever you need to it, or you may just find your perfect home right there on our lot (so you should come check a few out and see). 

Fido or Fluffy comes too. Not being able to move a much-loved pet into a condo or apartment can bring significant stress into your life, but you don’t have to worry about that if you’re buying a new Kent mini home to place on a land lease community in the HRM. There are few restrictions on pets in land lease communities (this varies from park to park, especially in regard to numbers or breeds of dogs, but we can advise on that). 

Looking to start a new chapter in your life and need the perfect home to do that in? Contact our friendly home consultant Viola and they’ll be able to help you choose the best home for your next move.


Please be advised that our office is open by appointment only. We are trying whenever possible to maintain social distancing to keep our staff and clients safe. We have tight areas in our office and want to avoid client overlap. During Covid, we discovered that we are able to share information about our homes with clients from the comfort and safety of their own home, using video meetings, virtual tours, and digital signing.  At this time, you will also notice we have no model homes on the lot to view in person, however, we do have virtual tours of all of our homes that can be found online on our YouTube channel or our FaceBook page. For more information about our homes, or to book your private in-person appointment, please call ahead prior to visiting our office, at (902) 835-8388 or send an email to .
We thank you in advance for your understanding & look forward to speaking with you.
Note: This information is current as of Aug 2nd, 2022. 
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