Mini homes are super cozy here’s why

When people come to view our mini homes, they are often surprised to learn that today’s mini homes are incredibly energy efficient. Older mini homes had a bit of a reputation for being drafty, but these days that just isn’t the case – a new Kent mini home is built to exacting standards that often exceed national building codes in order to provide healthy and comfortable homes that stay toasty all winter long. In fact, Kent mini homes are built to industry leading standards. Here’s some more information on why they are so energy efficient. 

Designed with insulation in mind. In recent years, Kent has seriously upgraded the way in which it designs mini homes so that more insulation can be added – effectively wrapping the home on a warm blanket. The walls of Kent mini homes use latest construction standards such as 2 x 6 exterior walls and 2 x 4 interior walls, which allows for more insulation. They’ve also redesigned their roof trusses so that they can achieve a R50 value up in the roof cavity through blowing in cellulose insulation, whereas building codes only mandate R38. This way, less heat escapes through your roof and walls – estimates suggest that 60 percent of a home’s heat is lost this way!

Heat pumps and HVAC. Kent mini homes come fitted with cost-effective and energy efficient modern heat recovery air exchange systems and heat pumps. What’s especially great about heat pumps, is that not only do they keep your house warm all winter long, but they also keep your home cool in the summer. For those used to spending an astronomical amount on oil heating to get you through the winter, it can be a shock when you get your first power bill and realize how much cheaper it is to heat your home this way. Heat Pumps are 300% energy efficient, so in simpler terms, they only cost approx 30cents to the dollar for heating, as opposed to baseboard heaters alone. 

A heat recovery ventilation air exchange system (HVAC) acts as the “lungs” of your home, and is a ducted system that allows for fresh, clean, filtered air to be brought into the home at all times (and likewise expels all the stale air and excess moisture in the air). Effectively these systems purify the air and give you control over the relative humidity in the home so you can adjust everything in your home for the seasons or your personal preferences – and for those with respiratory issues this is a big bonus. 

Low-e argon windows. The double pane vinyl windows are as energy efficient as you can get on any type of home in Atlantic Canada, and are built to withstand any nor’easter or tropical storm that gets thrown at us. You don’t have to worry about drafts with these windows. 

Mini homes are designed to keep you warm and cozy through the harshest of Nova Scotian winters. Ready to ditch your drafty older home or rental? Contact one of our home consultants to find out how they can get you snug as a bug in a rug in a new Kent mini home. 


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