No winter slowdown with a new build mini home

Living in the Maritimes, we all know only too well how nasty winter weather slows life down. This is especially true when it comes to home building. However, if your new home is a Kent manufactured home, it doesn’t matter how cold it gets or how much snow falls, your new home will still be delivered on time. 

This is because Kent homes are manufactured inside where it is warm and dry, in a climate-controlled environment. Unlike a site builder – where you have to wait for the ground to thaw, or nasty weather prevents people from being able to work safely – our homes aren’t subject to weather-related setbacks and encumbrances. 

The volume of homes produced in the Kent factory means that craftsmen and women work year-round doing the one thing that they were trained in and do best – the window installers do nothing but install windows, the drywallers do nothing but drywalling, the cabinet makers are doing nothing but cabinetry. And they’re doing this inside– nobody is taking shortcuts because it is raining sideways or there’s a wind-chill of -30 and they just want to get home!

Throughout the home build process, each home passes quality checks before progressing to the next stage, and every part of the build is closely monitored. Buyers of new Kent mini homes are encouraged to visit the factory in Bouctouche, New Brunswick, to see how their home is progressing, and last year some of our happy customers (see the picture of Paul and Cat below) did just that.

Not having building materials getting wet or frozen offers mini homes a strong advantage over traditional stick-built homes, as they aren’t susceptible to weather damage or the mould that can follow as a consequence. By the time your new home leaves the Kent factory, everything is sealed and weatherproof. Another advantage? We can install your new Kent home year-round. 

All of these things contribute to the fact that when you buy a new Kent mini home it is delivered on time, and on budget. With a site-built home this is rarely the case, and you’re often told to budget for cost overruns of ten to 20 percent. That isn’t ever something you need to worry about when you buy a new Kent mini home from Havill’s. 


Please be advised that our office is open by appointment only. We are trying whenever possible to maintain social distancing to keep our staff and clients safe. We have tight areas in our office and want to avoid client overlap. During Covid, we discovered that we are able to share information about our homes with clients from the comfort and safety of their own home, using video meetings, virtual tours, and digital signing.  At this time, you will also notice we have no model homes on the lot to view in person, however, we do have virtual tours of all of our homes that can be found online on our YouTube channel or our FaceBook page. For more information about our homes, or to book your private in-person appointment, please call ahead prior to visiting our office, at (902) 835-8388 or send an email to .
We thank you in advance for your understanding & look forward to speaking with you.
Note: This information is current as of Aug 2nd, 2022. 
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