Seven reasons you should stop renting and buy your own home

The idea of taking the leap toward home ownership can be scary, it is a big commitment and requires a lot of financial planning. But, the rewards are fantastic, giving you control over your living space and freedom about how you choose to live. Here are seven reasons why you need to stop throwing your hard-earned cash away from paying someone else’s mortgage and start investing in your future.

  1. You’re building equity. The money that you’ve spent on rent, likely upwards of $15,000 a year if you rent a home in the HRM, hasn’t done anything to help you. If you were paying that much on your own home every year instead, you’d be building equity for your future, and potentially be able to make money on your investment – your new mini home – if you ever want to sell it. 
  2. Pride of home ownership. Having a place of your own feels fantastic. You don’t need to get permission to paint your bedroom bright pink if you want to, or put shelves up, or do whatever else you want to do. Every decision about that home is yours! 
  3. No stress over your pets. Having cats and dogs in your mini home is fine because the home is yours! If you locate to put your new mini home in a land lease community you’ll find that some may have restrictions on the size or breed of dogs allowed, as each is privately owned and operated, but we can advise you on which community works best for you and your pets. 
  4. A yard of your own. Every land lease community offers different sized lots, but all of them will give you space to use however you choose – whether that be a play space for your kids, or a garden to tend. Plus, several communities are located in leafy spots that back onto parklands, and some have beautiful playgrounds so your children can go off and play in a safe environment just steps away from your home. 
  5. No noise worries. Apartment living can be stressful for many reasons, but noisy neighbours can be the worst! In a mini home, you won’t need to worry about how much noise others are making, or how much noise you and your kids are making! There’s nobody sharing a wall, floor, or ceiling with you – the space is all yours!
  6. Parking spaces for your vehicles. With many rental units, you only get one parking spot, which is a problem when two of you have a car, especially in winter when you aren’t allowed to park your car on the street. In land lease communities, you usually get a minimum of two parking spots. 
  7. A sense of community. As a homeowner in a land lease community, you’re surrounded by other homeowners who care about their homes and their community. People look out for each other, and you’ll find it easy to make friends and build a support network around you (if that’s what you want – private people don’t have to get involved with their neighbours any more than they want to!). 

Interested in making a move into a gorgeous new Kent mini home? Contact one of our home consultants who can answer all your questions about homes and communities, and set you on the path to home ownership. 


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